Freeze Dried Candy Process

It is your original candy favorites freeze-dried to perfection, which intensifies the flavor of the Candy into irresistibly crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth treats. 
Freeze-Dried Candy has gone through the freeze-drying process, which removes 95% of the water in the product under a vacuum leaving the Candy intensified with unique shapes and textures, not to mention an extremely long shelf life. In order to lower the boiling point of water in the fruit candy, the machine first freezes the candy to a temperature of -40° before reducing the pressure around it. By passing air across the candy's surface at a very low temperature and high pressure, moisture is removed using this process while preserving its flavor and texture. Candy lovers generally prefer it because you can treat your sweet tooth with less Candy while experiencing a more intensified version of the Candy.