Thank You For Choosing Simply Candy!

Simply Candy is owned by Kelly. Kelly is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur who also owns SimplyTees.Com. Kelly experienced the loss of her mother in 2022, which left her feeling uninspired and not creative. For the first time she felt burned out. She needed a creative outlet outside of t-shirts, Her son said you should open a candy shop. She loved the idea of showing her kids that business and entrepreneurship could be anything and that you can take a business from an idea to the top with hard work. She wanted them to fall in love with the idea of entrepreneurship the way she did when she was 8 years old with her first lemonade stand. Thus, Simply Candy was born. 

Candy is Fun - We Love Fun!

With freeze-dried Candy, everything is a new and fun adventure. Every bite of candy is intensely flavorful, light and airy and fun! Kelly is lucky enough to have a fantastic team behind her, and we can produce large volumes of our Candy. We work hard to provide next-day shipping and wholesale orders! We carved out 3000 sq feet from the 16,000 sq feet from the Simply Tees Warehouse and made a Candy factory room! Everyday feels like working in a candy factory!

We believe you should make every day just a little bit more sweet and we want to thank you for choosing Simply Candy!